[GMS] World Merge – Kradia & Yellonde

It’s been really quiet in GMS, but now it’s all over. Nexon introduced a couple of days ago what they’ve been thinking about doing for months, and I don’t think too many people will be too happy.

The two servers that will be merged, or as Nexon likes to call it “form an alliance,” is Kradia & Yellonde.


Let me start by reminding you that Nexon thought about that for a while. They hinted it in their Dev Blog “Make Room, Make Room!”:

That’s why we developed a system to create world alliances. This allows low population worlds to play with each other without removing the individual character of each world.

They also stated that they try to encourage people out of Scania because it’s way too populated. That, along with “holding more events in lower population worlds, offering a certain number of free character transfers out of Scania, or even restricting character creation in Scania instead of cutting it off completely,” is another way of encouraging people out of there.

Don’t get the wrong image here, Kradia and Yellonde will still exist. They will just form an alliance, meaning that if you are from Yellonde, you can make a new friend in Kradia.

Channel 20 will also be open to make more room. Also, don’t forget that you will have double the character slots since the worlds are basically the same.

Sounds great right? Well, there are also bad sides to this action. If you liked the quiet of Kradia and Yellonde, well it’s all over. Now it will be massively populated.

Gah, this was done in KMS as well. If you remember, KMS merged the worlds Meriel, Leona, and Aster back in 2009. A little while later they merged Fleta, Galicia, Medere, and Culverin. I remember Culverin being small and quiet, and now it’s overcrowded and annoying.

Oh well, I think I wouldn’t have wanted to be stuck in small Culverin anyway… In my opinion, it’s a good idea to merge worlds in GMS. However, I didn’t expect it to be Kradia and Yellonde who would be merged.

Whatever, I feel like it’s not the end of this. More worlds will be merged, it’s just a matter of time… Speaking of time, you just reminded me. I forgot to tell you that it will take place in the next server maintenance. Nobody knows when that will be, but when it’s announced, I’ll be sure to tell you.

Until then, here’s Nexon’s FAQ:

Q: Why are you doing this server alliance?
A: We’ve got some servers with too many people, and some with not enough. This is the first step in our efforts to balance the populations so players on all servers can enjoy MapleStory as a massively multiplayer online game!

Q: How did you choose Kradia and Yellonde to form the first server alliance?
A: We chose Kradia and Yellonde because they have similar populations and economies, and so the impact should be minimal for the players involved.

Q: I’m on Kradia/Yellonde. What’s going to happen to me in an alliance?
A: Not much. As a player on the alliance worlds, you will do everything you typically do to play. Your server remains the same, but what changes is you’ll be seeing a lot more new faces in the game.

Q: When will the alliance happen?
A: The alliance will happen during a server maintenance and it will be announced during the server maintenance notice.

P.S. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I also updated my Jump! guide. Currently working on my Chaos guide till the second part of Jump! comes out.

For everyone who belongs in Kradia and Yellonde, enjoy and good luck!


EDIT: The world merge will happen on April 19th. Also, the 8th Anniversary + 2nd update of Jump! will come out in KMS on April 21st!

4 comments on “[GMS] World Merge – Kradia & Yellonde

  1. Thanks sucks, I made a character in Yellonde recently because i heard that not many people use that server, and it would be more open, and not running into people all the time, i hate being asked or told “CC PLEASE” When No one owns a channel.

    • Especially when the scenario is like this:
      *Changes Channel*
      *Just changed, standing*
      guy – “CC PLZ”
      Me – “I didn’t even attack yet o_O”

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