KMS ver. 1.2.130 & KMST 1.2.378

As I’m working on my Chaos guide, I’ll keep you updated with KMS/KMST (since there’s nothing new on GMS). The new KMST term just started and I forgot to apply for it (-_-“) so I’ll just base it off patch notes & extractions.

There were a few patches in the past few days after the first Jump! patch. Not surprising, after Big Bang and Chaos, there was a re-balancing patch everyday in KMS. However, I decided to post this because they changed a few things people were so happy about. Also to inform you about the new patch in kMST and get you excited~

The patch the day after the Jump! patch also changed the Treasure Monsters I talked about. It made them really rare, and they can’t be identified. The medal that was under their name was removed.

After seeing the new Ellin Forest, you might think leeching is back and you can leech all your characters easily. You may have heard that after the second patch you can only enter Ellin Forest if you are level 90+. It’s wrong, there are no level restrictions whatsoever.

You can still leech, but there was another thing Nexon changed. Nexon nerf’ed EF/Neo City monsters pretty badly in the second patch of Jump!, read on…

Last thing I wanna tell you is that KMST got the 2nd update of Jump! Awakening of the Order on update 1.2.378. The update came with:

  • As expected, mage skills balancing.
  • More warrior re-balancing [why I’m not releasing all the changes till Jump! is over, keeps re-balancing]
  • 8th anniversary items – Anniversary sets, medal, belts, pendant, shoes, shoulderpads, and WEAPONS! Everything is for level 45/70.
  • Monster Park updated – Last portal didn’t open yet, but Monster Park mount & Monster Park badges (new equip type – badges) added.
  • Same event as the warriors’ event, except for mages you get a 3 Magic Attack ring named Magician.
  • ‘Partying zones’ (lol), such as Lionheat Castle, Ellin Forest, future Henesys, and Neo City, became normal zones. You no longer get 50% EXP extra per party member.

You can check out the full extractions of the KMST patch here, where you can check out all the changes that were made SO FAR and the new equips!

I’ll talk more in depth about it when it comes to KMS.


~shakar 96

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