GMS ver. 0.96 ~ Chryse!

Well, just returned from beautiful California to find that GMS had a new patch, Chryse! So I decided to hold off the guides for now and tell you about it.

[Oopsy, the animation got messed up… Click to enlarge + see the animation!]

You can enter Chryse only from levels 55~75, but all the quests are up to level 70.

I already posted a guide on Chryse, if you scroll down here.

Also, the fact that Chryse was released now and not during AfterShock was no glitch. Chryse does count as a part of the AfterShock patch, but it wasn’t released in KMS till a few patches later as well.

I’m not so excited, as I stated before, Chryse is terrible. However, I recommend you guys to skip all the quests and go fight Xerxes.

Why? Because it has a chance of dropping Michaela’s Glasses or Michael’s Glasses, which as I described in the guide:

The boss MAY drop Michaela’s Glasses (), which add 2 STR/DEX/INT/LUK, 50 HP/MP, 150 Avoidability, and 5 slots. It may also drop Michael’s Glasses (), which add the same thing except, instead of 150 Avoidability, it adds 150 Accuracy. They’re EXTREMELY RARE though.

Really rare, but on my future UA I’ll be farming Xerxes for as long as it takes till I get them.

If your character was made before this patch, no worries, they ARE Karma’able. But will probably cost a lot…

But there are some events to cheer you up (not me, all those GMS NX-related events are terrible -_-)~ For all of you who like scrolling, Vega’s Spell returns!

Available till April 19th.

The prices are:

  • 10% = 3k NX
  • 60% = 4k NX

If you don’t know what Vega’s Spell is, I’ll explain. Basically, you use it to increase the rate of your scroll’s success rate. What I mean by that is that if a scroll works at a 10% rate, for example, it will now work at a 30% rate.

Scrolls that are 10% -> 30%

Scrolls that are 60% -> 90%

Another thing that was introduced to Cash Shop was the Miracle Cube Bundles.

Instead of buying hundreds and hundreds of Miracle Cubes, you can just buy them in bundles to save some NX.

The Miracle Cube Bundle consists of 11 Miracle Cubes, and costs 12k NX.

If you were to buy 11 separately, it would cost you 13.2k NX. Basically, you earn 1.2k NX back for every 11 Miracle Cubes you buy.

Last event is a 2x event, oh boy never had those… If you remember, there was an event called Maple Madness, which I talked about here. It was the lame event in which the server with the most people online on that day wins. The results were:

As promised, Bera, El Nido, Khaini, Mardia, Galicia, Demethos, and Scania won a 2x EXP and Drop event on Saturday, April 9th for two hours between 2 P.M. to 4 P.M EST. Good job guys!

Nothing else is new in GMS, so for me, it’s just another patch.But hey, I didn’t log in for a while (more than 3 weeks), and got a free VIP hairstyle coupon on my Dawn Warrior! Sucks that you can’t see it through my owl’y head…

Welp, back to working on my guides~ 😛

Happy Mapling!


EDIT: Monster Park video added to the Jump! guide! It’s also available at the Videos section.

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