Level 100!

It took a while, but I finally made it to level 100 on my Dawn Warrior in GMS and Thunder Breaker in KMS. Actually, I leveled up to 100 on my Dawn Warrior a week ago, but then I focused on my thunder breaker. I took my time on my Thunder Breaker because it was REALLY BORING training on C-2 from level 88 to 100… -_-‘

I finished off my last levels on my Dawn Warrior at MP3 (great training :D), though. Lucky GMS, much easier to level there. Because my characters are both Cygnus Knights, I get my new Cygnus skill! So I traveled to Ereve~

All I really had to do for the quest is kill a boss. Very easy, and took me a few seconds:

[Dodo for Dawn Warriors, and Crimson Balrog for Thunder Breakers. Click to enlarge.]

Once I finished, I returned back to my instructor and got my new Cygnus skill!

All bossing skills~ In 10 levels, though, I will get a buff! Woot!

But for now, I’m stuck in pot burning captains… o_o

Anyway, right now in KMST there’s another big update. Chaos just ended in KMS, and the next thing will be another revamp. Currently, it has no official name. However, some people just call it the Monster Park update, or the Warrior Restruction, or whatever. Unnamed so far…

In the patch, warriors got boosted and got new skills and such. Once I’m done with my Chaos guide, I will make a guide about that. Still, it’s unsafe to make a guide now anyway because it’s still in KMST, a lot of changes will be made (even in KMS).

Also, a new park is here! It’s called Monster Park. You need to talk to a car NPC and you will be sent to a map where you’ll talk to another NPC who can send you to the Monster Park. There will be three portals, the one on the left is for levels 20~70, the middle is for levels 70~95, and the last is not out yet but will be 95+.

Once you enter the portals, you’ll be sent to a mini dungeon. The monsters have a high HP and EXP, same idea as LHC, and you can enter with a party. You will get an extra 50% for each member, so just like LHC, train with a party of 6.

The monsters drop coins, which look exactly like Spiegelmann’s CPQ coins. You can trade them for useless temporary crap (Spiegelmann’s MUSTACE).

Last thing I want to talk about is the maps/monsters changes. Ellin Forest’s monsters’ levels have been raised, and Neo City’s monsters’ levels have decreased. Ellin Forest is now 96+, and Neo City is now 100+.

Again, I will be making a guide about that soon so I will get in details there.

Gosh… That Oh Han Byul guy really meant what he said when he said that he will keep those gigantic updates till one will be better than Big Bang, and over 416,000 people will join [KMS]. Unfortunately, that won’t happen any time soon.

Welp, I still got a lot of schoolwork to get through. Crazy month, non-vacationed March. On my spare time, though, I will work on the Chaos guide. It will be BIG and better than ever. πŸ˜€

Thank you!


8 comments on “Level 100!

    • Thanks and it seems like they do but they just don’t normally comment :O
      No worries, though, I’m trying to get people to come (will take a while though).

  1. I like this blog, I use this in conjunction with Spadow’s Blog. But he is updating less frequently and I find yours to be more descriptive. XP

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Ps: you may want to try a new opening format, i.e main page: is a list of current updates with summary, and click to go to main data. makes navigating more easy.

    • Thank you. Actually, I am working on some stuff for the blog so you won’t be seeing too many updates for a while 😦 Plus, I don’t think I’ll update too frequently even after I’m done with what I’m working on because I never get accepted to KMST. Nothing new in KMS ^.^
      As for the opening format, I’ll try to see what I can do.

  2. Boy do I feel stupid. I forgot to hit the home button to see the compressed layout. Sorry about that. … -.-”

    But I do have one suggestion. A guide for LHC right now could really help you out. There really is not one available and many people are curious and confused, myself included. I mean every one gets the general idea of the place. But a guide with pictures would do wonder.

  3. HEY MAN Gratz on 100. πŸ˜€ I have yet to get past level 91, lol. I also can’t wait for your Chaos guide. πŸ˜€ Right now, I’m really curious about the Technological Age. Like ChaChing, I also follow Spadow’s blog, but he didn’t post up much info on the new crafting skills. :C I’m still unsure as to which crafting skills I should choose…

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