Current Events – GMS/KMS

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AfterShock just hit GMS and just like every big updates (or even little updates), new [NX-related] events are here.

In kMS, even though nothing major happened, there’s a whole lot of events going on.

Let’s talk about GMS first~

Evolving Ring II

Wow, just wow. A new ring like Big Bang ring is here. The event is the same exact thing as the Big Bang Evolving Ring event. Starting on March 10th, you’ll have to log in every day and hold the ring for an hour to level it until April 3rd.

On April 3rd, every ring will become permanent.

I’m not even doing it, too lazy to go on gMS and wait for an hour ^.^

This ring is also stackable with every other ring except other #2 Evolving Rings, so it’s REALLY worth getting (so you can have a level 17 Big Bang Ring and a level 17 Evolving Ring II!). The stats are identical as the Big Bang Ring.

That leaves me with the question, will there be a Chaos Ring?

Golden Temple

Yep, Nexon is making a whole lot of money off of it so it continues till March 22nd.

I like Golden Temple, the monsters have really good HP to EXP ratio. I just wish we had it in KMS -_-”

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Mardi Gras

Dumbest quest, don’t even waste your time on it. All the masks are temporary, I know from experience.

Maple [March :D] Madness

Fail event, just log in to your character and the world with the most people at a random point on that day will win. The winners will get 2X EXP/Drop Events, so log in to support your server!

EXP Cards back to Cash Shop… For a limited time! [/sarcasm]

Seriously, all Nexon does is 2X EXP events, OMG 2X EXP CARDS ARE BACK, EXP boosts on NX, BLAH BLAH. That’s probably the reason they removed it on Big Bang, for EXCLUSIVENESS of 2X EXP Cards. A lot of money right there.

Anyway, 1.5X and 1.3X EXP coupons are now available on Cash Shop. The 1.5X EXP coupons (Ruby EXP Coupons) costs 650 NX, and the 1.3X EXP coupons (Sapphire EXP Coupons) cost 450 NX.

Seems cheap? Well there are downsides to it:

  • Lasts for one hour
  • Do not stack with each other/2X Events

You can purchase them until March 22nd, and they do stack with Family EXP buff.

Now let’s talk about KMS. Nothing special, those events have been going on for a while.

Archaeologist Event

Same exact thing as in GMS. You know, hunt for the rocks and stuff yeah yeah. This will also be a part of my Chaos guide, but I will just explain some special stuff briefly.

The 8 Mystical medal is the same thing except the name has a “2011” on it.

That’s a new medal for getting 5,000 points. Pretty easy, and I got lots and lots of them. I just get the Chrisma and drop them ^.^

If you’re in the Top 10, though, you can get a CRAZY medal! Here it is:


100 HP/MP


150 DEF/M. DEF

15 Speed/Jump

Oh. My. Gosh.

But if you are not, there’s another thing you can get every 10,000 points.

So far, I got the following (except some pots) from these boxes:

The scooter is a mount, and the cloud thing just adds some chrisma. Lame.

Another thing I showed above was the automatic leveling. If you are EXTREMELY lucky, you have a chance to get 1 full level.

Hecks, I didn’t even get it once 😦

Other than that, you get the standard rewards from this event.

Attendance Event

Lame Grape event… Basically, get 30 grapes from any monsters everyday for 30/31 days. Everyday you complete it, you’ll get a box:

So far I got every reward there^

And for the actual grapes reward:

They’re all temporary, including the medal.

I’m doing this event anyway, even though it’s temporary~ I just want the medal 😛

Another event, which I just found out about on the website is this one:

And same rewards as always -_-

I don’t know anything about it yet, but I’ll report about it once I do!

Last event is the 30 Days Vows Wedding event. I don’t know much about it, but I’ll explain the background (from what I understand from translating the whole page). Keep in mind that KMS doesn’t have Amoria.

You’ll get a quest from some person in Amoria. Accept it, and go spend 2k nx on the Vows card. Then stay with your BF/GF/whatever for 30 days and you’ll get:

100 days and you get:

Into the road of happiness~ For 100 days and get the ring and leave lol.

Yep, that’s pretty much it for the events, but I found something interesting I wanted to share.

MapleStory Guidebook issue #6, buy it and you get 3 Giant Transformation Potions and that medal.

Along with that came the 8th issue of Victoria Maple:

If you are interested in those, here are some pictures!


Victoria Maple

That’s all I have to talk about… For now… Thank you and have a good day!


10 comments on “Current Events – GMS/KMS

  1. LMFAO “Into the road of happiness~ For 100 days and get the ring and leave lol.” I can just imagine all the G.I.R.L.s taking advantage of this event, pffft.

  2. You’ve said
    “Do not stack with each other/Family EXP buff/2X Events”
    You actually can stack it with family EXP

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