Chaos Leveling Event Rewards

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These are all the items I got from the Chaos Leveling Event that was going on since the first patch of Chaos (December 16th) till the end of January. Unfortunately, this was a crazy month for me because the semester was ending and I had a lot of schoolwork, so I didn’t get everything I wanted. That’s also why I released my Resistance guide so late ^.^

  • ARAN
  • EVAN
  • ADVENTURER (Choose 1)
  • ADVENTURER (Choose 1)
  • ADVENTURER (Choose 1)

These are the other items you could get from that event. They all add 3 to every stat and att/m. att (except the adventurer rings), and are only tradeable once between accounts. Also note that any job can equip them. They cannot be stacked with equips from previous events, but can stack with each other (with the exception of Adventurer Rings, which can be stacked with the others no matter if they were obtained from this event or any previous events).

I will explain it in more details in my future Chaos guide (*wink*), but basically, you start the quest at level 40 or up and you have to level 40 times. That’s why I had to level my Dual Blade and Aran characters 80 times. Unfortunately, I hit level 79 on my Aran on the last day and hat to go to sleep :(.

Oh well, it was a fun experience anyway. I got to play the jobs that changed the most on Chaos, and I will include everything on the Chaos guide. I might actually also make an Evan, since I’ve seen how much they’ve changed.

Chaos is not officially over yet, and Nexon is still making changes, so I can’t work too much on the Chaos guide yet. No worries though, I’ll make it as soon as possible. For now, I’m just focusing on school and other things :O

Thank you for your patience and for reading this!


29 comments on “Chaos Leveling Event Rewards

    • Nope, it’s:
      – DB
      – Evan
      – Cygnus (not just TB’s)
      – Arans
      And if you want the adventurer rings, you can also make any adventurer (except DB).

  1. So basically what you’re saying shakar is… we can make 4 mules to 80 and wear 4 rings that give 3 atk each? Also, do these stack with Explorer rings? They’re different from Adventurer rings…

  2. This will be painful a bit have to make 4 evans and dual blades then one adventurer lv 80…I am crazy enough to do it. Though we may not get this event I hope we do as if we don’t get it thousands of people shall be pissed.

  3. Wait so, I can equip my Adventurer ring from the last event with 3 other event rings and also the DB mask+Evan glasses from this event all at once?

  4. Hi Shakar96, I have two questions about the adventurer rings. First, if I decided to get 2 adventurer rings from the level up event, would they stack on one character? Second, if I happen to have one character with an adventurer ring from the old event, and get another adventurer ring from the chaos leveling event, would those two rings stack? I need to be sure because I don’t know if I’ll have to train 3 characters to level 80. Thanks in advance, and please forgive me if my questions were dumb.

  5. heya shakar, well i have an old resistance ring. i want it with my mask or glasses, will it stack? and with critical ring too? or i have to make a new ring…?
    last question is, can i get 4 critical rings o.O? than 40% critical!

  6. Are you totally sure that if I have an old Adventurer ring (which I do), I can equip the resistance AND the Aran ring at the same time as my old adventurer ring? Could I have one of each adventurer ring, or don’t they stack?

    I want to have: Aran ring, Resistance ring, My old Adventurer ring, Evan glasses AND DB Mask. Is this possible? They all stack?

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